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    What is Talent Database?

    Talent Database is a feature exclusive of our subscription plans that allows you to directly search and invite tech professionals from our... you guessed it, talent database.  Find and invite in seconds experts in Software Engineering, Data Science, Design, UX, Machine Learning and more.

    With Talent Database, you can search actively for professionals that might not have find your job yet.

    What can I use Talent Database for?

    • Supplement organic, active candidates with  passive talent.
    • Invite talent from overseas that might be looking locally and not have found your job yet.
    • Launch confidential searches, hiding the job ad from public view and filling your pipeline only with candidates invited via Talent Database.

    Talent Database allows you to filter by tags or skills  (such as "Ruby", "UX", "Machine Learning", "React.js", and many more), categories, salary ranges and attachments such as  CV, Linkedin, portfolio or GitHub.

    Search results are filtered by our matching algorithm and ordered by relevance, so you see first candidates with best chances to apply successfully to your job.

    There's no limit to the amount of Talent Database searches you can create. Search results will display a preview of each candidate's profile, with enough information  so you can decide whether the candidate is worth the invitation.

    Who can you invite to apply?

    You can invite directly to your open jobs to any candidate you want.  Once  the candidate has accepted the invitation, an application is automatically created and you will get access to the candidate's complete contact info.

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